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#BookReview - "Sinister Skies” by Madelon Smid


When Gita O’Shaughnessey requests Nik Tan find the missing granddaughter she’s never met, he can’t refuse. Her foundation is his security company’s biggest client. Nik finds twenty-four year old Halley Murphy, a highly acclaimed helicopter pilot with the Coast Guard, based in San Diego. 
Halley rejects the heroic S.E.A.L along with the rich woman, whose son destroyed her mother’s life. She avoids Nik whenever possible, but when someone sabotages Halley’s helo she finds her base commander had made Nik not just her co-pilot, but her bodyguard. 
Nik wants a lifetime with Halley, so keeping her safe is as necessary as breathing. She welcomes his protection, but when he wants more, she pushes him away out of fear, leaving herself with a broken heart and vulnerable to her enemy. When she is kidnapped, Halley learns Nik will sacrifice even his life for her. Realizing the power of his love, she demonstrates hers.


In the third book in the Sisters in Peril series, Nicholas Tan owns a security firm that provides bodyguard and security services for the O’Shaughnessy Foundation, as well as the founder Brigitta O’Shaughnessy. Believing her long-lost granddaughter might be in danger, Gita asks Nik to find her.
Halley Murphy is a talented, well-respected Coast Guard pilot, working in Search and Rescue (SAR). After years of abuse from her emotionally and mentally unstable mother, she doesn’t trust men and doesn’t want Nik and her grandmother in her life. Nik refuses to take no for an answer, however, especially after Halley’s plane is sabotaged. As the threats to Halley mount, he’s more than determined to protect her.
Nik and Halley are wonderful, stubborn characters with great chemistry, but like many couples in real life, they had difficulty expressing their emotions.
Nik was my favorite character. He’s a retired Navy Seal and has lived through hell, and he wants nothing more than love and a family. He thinks he’s finally found that with Halley, but then she shuns him in front of her sisters. After Halley put that wedge between them and refused to apologize or make amends, I didn’t like her as much and completely understood why Nik closed himself off to her.
The couples from the previous books in this series returned (I’ve only read book one), so it was great seeing Sky and Adam again. Ari and Damien, from book two, were very interesting as well.
I love Ms. Smid’s voice and writing style. The sex scenes were hot and fun, and the action sequences kept my attention, especially the Coast Guard rescues. Ms. Smid definitely knows how to keep a reader perched on the edge of her seat! I would love to read more of her books.
4 Stars

Disclaimer – I volunteered to read and review this book. Thank you, Madelon Smid, for sending me an ebook copy. I am not paid or compensated in any way, shape, or form for this review. I will not change or alter this review for any reason unless at my discretion.

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  1. Amber, so glad you enjoyed Sinister Skies. I loved writing it, and find your support helps keep me excited about moving onto the next book.


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