Saturday, December 29, 2018

#BookReview – “Serengeti Sunrise” by Vivi Andrews


Zoe King is itching to get out of Three Rocks. Sure, the pride is more progressive with her brother in charge. She s just got a bad case of wanderlust and an even worse case of the hots for Tyler Minor.

The pride s mechanic sets her senses on fire one second, then shuts down and walks away the next. Before she hits the road for good, this lioness decides it s time to bring their cat-and-mouse game to a "satisfying" end.

Twenty years ago, Tyler s father walked out and left him with a mountain of responsibility. Now that his younger siblings are settled, the last thing he wants or needs is another obligation. Which is exactly what he ll get if he screws around with the Alpha s sister.

When Zoe offers more like "demands" a no-strings affair, temptation wins and he finds his hands in places they shouldn t be, and his thoughts straying to words like "his." But Zoe s got her own ideas about possessive, chest-banging males. And they don t include white picket fences or letting Tyler keep her out of the danger zone when an outside threat to the pride s secrecy becomes all too real.


In the fourth Serengeti Shifters novella, Zoe King doesn’t feel like she belongs at Three Rock Ranch, her new lion pride. It’s been a year since she’s had sex because all of the men in the pride avoid her. Her brother is the alpha, after all. Both Zoe’s inner lioness and the woman part of her is frustrated and in need of some loving, but the only man she really wants refuses to take her up on her offer.
Tyler Minor wants Zoe but doesn’t need any more complications. He’s spent his whole life doing what was best for his family. Now that his younger siblings are finally mated, he thinks he’s free to live his own life. Unfortunately, the ranch is on lockdown, and Zoe is through with waiting on him. She takes charge, and he fears his carefully crafted plan to leave the pride is falling down all around him.
Zoe and Tyler are both so stubborn and wonderful together. They’re total alphas, so the fur is flying all the time.
This story has more action than the other books, which I liked a lot, but I found it hard to visualize the truck/camper scene at the end.
There are five Minor siblings, but only four novellas in this series. What about Kane, Tyler’s homosexual brother? Kane is barely mentioned in the other books, but in this one he’s mated/partnered with Tom. This came out of nowhere. Also, what’s going to happen with Candice, the human who knows about the shifters?
I really enjoyed this story, but I wish those questions would’ve been answered. I have an older copy of the story—from Samhain Press—so maybe the newer edition has been revised with those answers.
4.5 Stars

Disclaimer – I downloaded this book from Amazon and volunteered to review it. I am not compensated in any way, shape, or form for this honest review. I will not change or alter this review for any reason unless at my discretion.

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