Thursday, April 26, 2018

Review – ‘Wicked Nights’ by Nina Bangs


Welcome to the Castle of Dark Dreams, the yummiest attraction in an adult theme park where women take erotic role-playing to new heights with only the most dangerously tempting men. Okay, so they’re not quite human, but that’s a secret. Tonight, Eric, the castle’s resident vampire, will prove that he’s everything bad should be.

Talk-show host Donna Nolan—on the lookout for a weird and wacky story—finds it when she braves the Castle of Dark Dreams and meets Eric. With the coldest blue eyes and the hottest mouth she’s ever seen, he’s a primitive call to the wild in every woman.

Love between a talk-show host and a vampire shouldn’t be possible. But then, strange things happen in the Castle of Dark Dreams...


In the first book in the Castle of Dark Dreams series, Donna goes to Galveston, Texas to investigate an adult theme park for her radio talk show. She doesn’t expect to find anything supernatural-related, but then she meets Eric the Evil.
Eric is an 800-year-old vampire, and he and his two best friends, Brynn and Conall (a sensual sex demon and a cursed immortal warrior respectively), enjoy working as actors at the theme park to make their customers’ fantasies come true. They don’t enjoy, however, Donna nosing around since she could expose their paranormal secrets all over the airways. Donna and Eric instantly clash, but with a little help from Sparkle Stardust (a cosmic troublemaker) and Asima (a cat-shapeshifter), this unlikely couple doesn’t stand a chance.
Sparkle and Asima are my favorite characters. They bring a lot of bawdy humor to the story.
I liked the book but found the beginning a little confusing. The book’s blurb hinted at a sex theme park and the women who called into Donna’s talk show confirmed it, but nothing sexual actually happened between the actors and their customers. Once I knew what to expect, the book made more sense. I also found it strange that Eric and his friends rarely cursed. (They would say butthole instead of asshole, for example.)
The book is well edited, and the scenes with shifting POVs blended without much confusion. I look forward to finding out more about Brynn and Conall in the upcoming books.
3 Stars

Disclaimer – I won a print copy of this book in a contest and volunteered to review it. I am not paid or compensated in any way, shape, or form for this honest review. I will not change or alter this review for any reason unless at my discretion.

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