Saturday, September 2, 2017

Review – ‘Mastering the Mistress’ by Evangeline Anderson


A warrior who has vowed never to take a bride
Bought by a girl who needs a body slave...but has no idea what to do with him
Will Kaylee be able to tame the huge Havoc she bought at the Flesh Bazaar?
Or will Solar turn the tables and end up...Mastering the Mistress?

Solar M'Tex is a Havoc--a race of males who have sworn never to bond themselves to a female. So the idea of serving or loving any woman, no matter how beautiful, is foreign to him. But when he gets captured and sold at the Flesh Bazaar, he has no say in who buys him. Before he knows it he is the exclusive property of Kaylee, a lush little female from Yonnie Six who wants her own personal body slave.

Kaylee is new to Yonnie Six high society. She didn't even know she needed a body slave until her new friend Lyla told her. But when Lyla talks her into buying the huge, muscular Havoc, she doesn't know what to do with him--or have any idea how she's going to master him.

Soon they're in Kaylee's new dungeon with all the equipment a Mistress could need to tame a new slave. Kaylee does her best but when Solar gets free of his restraints, the tables are turned. Will she escape from the male she dared to try and master...or will Solar end up Mastering the Mistress?


This novella is part of the Brides of the Kindred series, book 14.5, and is a follow-up to the previous book that focuses on another couple. The novella can be read as a standalone.
In this story, space pilot Solar is drugged and kidnapped, and he finds himself up for sale as a sex slave at a flesh bazaar. He’s a strong, sexy Havoc male and he’s determined to escape no matter what. Havocs are a male-centric alien race and they don’t bond with females, but they’re also cousins to the Kindred who do bond with females.
Kaylee and her friend Lyra are at the bazaar to buy Kaylee a slave to boost her social status in the female-centric world in which they live. Even though Kaylee doesn’t want a slave, Lyra convinces her to buy him and promises to teach her how to train him. Though Solar is angry over the situation, he’s drawn to Kaylee in ways he can’t explain. She feels the same toward him but their different cultures threaten to tear their tentative trust apart.
This is a really good story. Kaylee is a kindhearted but misguided young woman. Solar is patient, stubborn, and open for change, but on his terms. Their connection is fast, strong, and believable. Both characters are well developed, and I enjoyed watching them learn the error of their ways.
The story could use an edit. For example, sentences shouldn’t end with commas and single quotation marks aren’t used for dialogue. If not for the editing issues, I’d give this story 5 stars since I liked it a lot.
4 Stars

Disclaimer – I downloaded this book from Amazon and volunteered to review it. I am not compensated in any way, shape, or form for this honest review. I will not change or alter this review for any reason unless at my discretion.

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