Friday, February 12, 2016

Review – ‘Blood and Snow – Book 1’ by RaShelle Workman


A modern day Snow White reimagining with a vampire twist. 

"Lips red as rubies, hair dark as night. Drink your true love's blood, become the Vampire, Snow White."


BLOOD AND SNOW 1.1: Snow White lives in Salem, Massachusetts with her dad, stepmother, and her cat, Gatsby. Her entire life she's been teased for her fairy tale name, and the fact that her seven best friends happen to be guys whose names begin with the same letters as the seven dwarves. 

Everything changes on a trip into Boston, where an unseen stranger bites her, and she's transformed into something not quite human. 

REVENANT IN TRAINING 1.2: Snow has been transformed into a revenant - not quite human and not quite vampire. She must discover how to live with the changes, hopefully without killing anyone. 

THE VAMPIRE CHRISTOPHER 1.3: As a revenant, Snow White craves blood. Especially the blood of her Hunter. But will drinking from him save or enslave her? 

BLOOD SOAKED PROMISES 1.4: Snow White must come to terms with her bloodlust. It's one thing to drink the blood of her Hunter, something else entirely to drink the blood of a human.


I’m not a big fan of YA books but I won this book in a contest and thought the whole Snow White/vampire twist sounded interesting. The book started good but I was relieved to be done with it by the end.
The heroine, Snow, is your average teenage girl with a serious case of clumsiness and insecurities. She has one best girl friend, Cindy, and seven best guy friends who live next door with their adoptive father, Professor Pops. Turns out, Snow is a possible ‘chosen one’ to be the new host for the evil Vampire Queen and her guy friends, along with Pops, are her protectors and trainers. They’ve waited for years to step up and let her know the truth. Snow has developed a fascination with Christopher, the hunter/vampire who bit her and brought her into the world of supernatural creatures, and he seems to truly care about her even though he’s supposed to deliver her to the evil queen.
My biggest problem with this book is that Snow and her protectors pretend that life is just fine even though Snow’s life is in danger and she craves blood. She still goes to school and track practice, and she struggles not to attack people for their blood. Also, other fairytale creatures are trying to kill her yet she tries to live normally. Professor Pops and his boys keep things from her but they are surprised when she keeps things from them, like her growing relationship with Christopher. I understand she wants her life to go back to normal, everyone around her tries to make it so, but it just can’t be. I don’t like whiny heroines who complain about their lives and refuse to take action, and heroes who lie to the heroine and then disappears when she needs them. I don’t even know who the hero was in this book: her friend and secret crush Gabriel or her sexy chew toy Christopher who uses the name Chase in the human realm.
I understand this is a three-book series with cliffhangers (I only have book 1) but there should’ve been more information on the people in Snow’s life. All the magical stuff that happens is easily accepted by everyone and it baffled me. It just didn’t seem believable, especially with what happened to Cindy and why the boys accept her but don’t want her around Snow. Very confusing. Maybe this is just the adult in me talking. I didn’t like teen books when I was teen, but I wanted to give this a chance since the plot sounded interesting.
Will teenage girls like this? Probably.
Will women? Doubtful, but that’s just my opinion.
Written in passive voice in first POV, the book could use a little editing—missing commas and unnecessary paragraph indentions—but the writing flowed well.
3 Stars

Disclaimer – I won a print copy of this book through a contest. I am a reader. I am not paid or compensated in any way, shape or form for this honest review. I will not change or alter this review for any reason unless at my discretion.

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