Monday, June 2, 2014

Review - 'Love Those Hula Hips' by Jackie Marilla

Thank you, Jackie, for sending me an ARC of this story for an honest review.
James and Hoko are two very different people who soon realize how similar they really are. Hoko and her family are losing the family hotel business until James, a rich investor, sets his sights on the Hawaiian hotel. Although he originally just wanted the hotel and land to win a spoiled, immature bet with his brother, he falls hard for Hoko right away.
Their relationship goes up and down, up and down, which became a little annoying after a while. They don’t confide in one another—Hoko keeps her emotions bottled up inside more than James—and then James acts out in ways that confirm Hoko’s irrational speculations.
The side characters were fun: Rosalini, Kawiki, Lei and Tatiana. Her family and friends really help Hoko loosen up and relax. James does, too, when she’s not mad at him.
The writing flowed and kept me interested. I didn’t find any POV shifts or many spelling mistakes in the ARC, which is surprising. This is an overall great story and I would recommend it to others.

4 stars.

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