Friday, March 7, 2014

BTGN Spring Fling Blog Hop - March 7-11

Who doesn't love Spring but it's still cold outside, at least were I live. It's time we say goodbye to Winter. Before long we can toss our heavy coats back in the closets and grab out our flip flops. 
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Forever Winter
(Sweet Historical Romance)

After two disastrous London seasons, Susanna Lorican received a marriage proposal from a neighborhood friend, an esteemed Viscount, which saved her family from society gossip. She had adored him since childhood but never expected the man of her dreams to reciprocate the feelings. Susanna soon planned the perfect Christmas Eve wedding but never expected a snowstorm to barrel through the English countryside on the morning of.

Viscount Camden Beckinworth had lived the life of a devil-may-care rake until his parents’ untimely death five years earlier. Returning home to save the crumbling family business, he cast aside his personal life and buried himself in his parents’ finances, focusing on nothing but honoring his family name. Once he decided that it was time to take a wife, now that the business thrived, he finally realized that the pesky little sister of his two best childhood friends had grown into a beautiful woman. He wanted her as his wife more than anything else.

Susanna and Camden vowed to let nothing thwart their long-awaited day, even though the dress and several guests were delayed because of icy roads. But when the reverend fell from his horse and injured his head, they had little choice but to postpone. To worsen matters, Susanna’s insufferable brother-in-law cornered and then assaulted her in the library.

Despite their trials and tribulations, the young couple never wavered from their goal: marriage and a long life together. After all, happily ever after came only once in a lifetime.

A Hero's Heart 
(Spicy Contemporary Romance)

Ten years ago, Jarrett Brandt left home and abandoned everyone of importance. After a hard reality check, the irresponsible young man matured into a ballsy DEA agent with a kickass Harley Davidson and a million-dollar bounty on his head. Ordered by his superior officer to take refuge at a safe house just days before Christmas, he headed back home to Washington State, instead, to make peace with his deceased brother’s memory. 

Marissa Reinn Brandt never expected to see Jarrett again. Best friends since childhood and lovers as teenagers, immaturity, over-demanding parents and illicit drugs ripped them apart. Now a successful chef at a posh restaurant, the young widow and her son offered Jarrett a place to stay for the holiday. Even though she expected nothing from her former lover—the twin brother of the man she married—fate intervened.

As Jarrett and Marissa rekindled the flames of love and lust that once bound them together, an enemy from his past and a trusted mentor from his present vied their time in the snowy dark and threatened to destroy everyone he held dear. He needed a Christmas miracle to save his family and the love of a good woman to heal his battered heart. Nothing, no one, would stand in the way of his second chance with Marissa. Come hell or high water, he would cherish her body and her heart for all time.

My Giveaway 

The Winner will receive this spiral necklace and earring set (made of recycled aluminum from a local NC artist/jeweler) along with a PDF copy of either Forever Winter or A Hero's Heart, my two winter-themed novellas. Winner's choice of ebook. 

Open to the contingent USA Only. 

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Grand Prizes

The host, BTGN, offers two Grand Prizes!!! In order for readers to take part, they must leave a comment and email address on this blog or others. Two winners will be chosen at random and notified no later than March 15, 2014.

1st Grand Prize: (1) $Paperwhite Kindle 

 2nd Grand Prize: (1) $25 Amazon Gift Card

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  1. Hiya... I love about the change of seasons the way the flowers and trees change their color you know' in my town grow up a trees named Araguaney their leafs change from green to yellow... it's really beautiful...

    I live in Venezuela, but don't worry I have a PO Box in Miami ;) if I win it won't be a problem ;)

    Thanks for the giveaway, the jewelry is beautiful

    1. I love the changing color of leaves/trees too. Nature is pretty amazing.
      Thanks for entering. A PO Box in Miami will work great.

  2. Thanks for being a part of the Spring Fling Blog Hop!

  3. I love seeing the colors of flowers that signal winter is finally over.

    1. Same here. Summer and winter are my least favorite seasons. Cheery spring flowers and gold/red autumn leaves are so beautiful.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  4. I love the slow warming up and the flowers blooming :)

    mimismithblue AT gmail DOT com

    1. Yep. I always look forward to spring just for the warmth.
      Thanks for entering the contest.

  5. Hi Amber,
    Love the cover on Hero's Heart. I love my spring flowers that peek out of the ground while everything else is dead. I think of them as optimists.
    morgankwyatt AT juno DOT com

  6. I celebrate Spring by beautifying my front porch with all manner of plants, flowers and decorative pots. I finish up with a new cushion for my favorite chair and I'm set for endless days of reading and relaxing.


    1. That's a great idea. I always spring clean around the house and care for my gardens but my poor porch usually goes unattended. My lounge chair could really use a new cushion. :)
      Thanks so much!

  7. well i was born in spring so spring flowers are my fav (roses of all colors to be exact) and the autumn leaves to play in with the kiddos!!! summer is too hot a lot of the time and winter is too cold so spring and fall seem to have the perfect temps for me :)

    1. Roses are one of my favs too. They're so classic and elegant. I was born in the month of Halloween (my favorite holiday *wink*) so I'm partial to fall. Spring is my second best. I love when the earth regrows and flowers bloom. The warmth is perfect; ie - not too hot. :)
      Thanks for stopping by.

  8. I love the warmer temperatures and the beautiful flowers blossoming :)

    1. Also forgot! Lol

    2. Me too. :) Thanks so much for stopping by!

  9. Spring is my favorite season because the tempts are warmer and its like a new world is waking up. Entering under the name of Virginia

    lead AT Hotsheet DOT com

  10. Thanks for the hop.
    magic5905 at embarqmail dot com

  11. I celebrate spring by doing the annual spring cleaning. Out with the old, in with the new!

    jacobsone AT katewwdb DOT com

  12. We really don't have seasons here in Southern CA, no real color change, the temperature does get a little warmer. I do like the water is warmer since I surf.


    1. I bet southern Cali is beautiful this time of year. Have fun surfing!
      Thanks for stopping by.

  13. I love the beautiful weather and longer days!
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    natasha_donohoo_8 at hotmail dot com

  14. I love the flowers blooming and the warmer weather! Thanks for the chance!
    amybowens34 at yahoo dot com

    1. I always look forward to cooler weather but I'm so happy when it finally gets warm again.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  15. I like the feel of fresh start you get at the beginning of each seasion

  16. like the flowers

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  17. I have a cherry blossom tree in my front yard so when the season changes, it is amazingly beautiful. I also get to start swimming again and plant a gardem with my kids.


    1. I bet that cherry blossom tree is beautiful. I used to have one in my backyard before I moved a few years ago.
      Thank you for commenting!

  18. I like the different colors that come with each season including the temperature changes. My name robyn donnelly, email:

  19. I love seeing the dogwoods herald the onset of spring.
    writeforward at yahoo dot com

    1. Dogwoods are beautiful, especially the pink ones.
      Thank you for commenting!

  20. I've never heard of these books but rest assured, they're on my 'wish list' now. :)


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