Monday, January 13, 2014

COVER REVEAL - Only For You by Tista Ray

Book blurb:

It is said that people’s lives are tales of two great journeys - the pursuit of happiness and the search for true love.

Edward seems to have achieved one of these ultimate goals by falling in love with Daisy.

But in his quest for true love, will he be willing to let go of his one special friend, and perhaps, sacrifice his chance for happiness?

If there’s a choice between love and friendship, would Edward sacrifice one for the other? Would he be able to live with his choice and never ask himself what if he chose the other?


(1) Only those who purchases the book 'Only For You' and shows the purchase receipt to the author are eligible for winning the freebies.
 (2) Others will only contest for the giveaway to win a cameo appearance in the writer's next writing and a few sample chapters of the 'Only For You' (1 winner only). 

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About the Author 

Now a little about me. Life has always been a surprise to me. Everyday has been special and so was the day my first article got published in a local newspaper.Thereafter, a series of my writings have made it way to the same newspaper. Only at the age of 11 I acquired a limited fan circle. 
Later in the year 2011 my life changed dramatically with my first publishing deal. Even though I had completed my debut novella at the age of 17, it took a while to have it in print. Finally, in January 2013 I could call myself as a published writer.
That's probably the shortest way to describe my journey as a writer. But behind my achievement there's a series of ups and downs accompanied by days of efforts, determination and most of all passion.

Contact Information:
 Twitter: (@tista_ray )

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