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The Harvesters Review/Blog Tour

Thank you, Ashley Hill, for sending me The Harvesters for an honest review.

I usually don't read horror stories but I often watch horror movies. I'm very desensitized when it come to blood, cannilablism and gore so this short story (about 30 pages) didn't really scare me, even though it reminded me of Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Jeepers Creepers. 


The main character, Ashley, is strong and determined to survive. When she's with her boyfriend, however, her fearlessness disappears and she becomes a scared, screaming female that Jason has to protect. Jason is just as strong and determined but not as scared as you might think. He's keeping secrets from Ashley which leads to a great cliffhanger. They both kill to survive and, by the end of the book, Ashley notices dark changes in Jason's attitude and appearance, which is understandable after the hell they went through. 
Personally, I think these 'dark changes' aren't changes at all. I think she's finally seeing him beneath his kind, sweet exterior and that's he's just as messed up as the deranged redneck family they just killed (which, in my opinion, is what the cliffhanger leads the reader to believe).

I wish I knew how Ashley and Jason were kidnapped by the crazy, cannibalistic family to begin with. All we know is that they were doing a job (what is this job?) for Jason's dad when they were taken. The book begins after they had been captured and tortured for a little while.

The author did a great job plotting the story but, instead of showing the reader what was happening through Ashley's or Jason's eyes, she was telling us. Telling and Showing dramatically affects the reading style of a book. She also used Passive Voice instead of Active which slowed down the flow of the story. Telling and Passive for most publishers is a no-no, even with first person narrative, but self-published authors sometimes play by a different set of rules. 

Still, even though this story didn't scare me, I did enjoy it. I'm especially intrigued by the cliffhanger and I can't stop thinking about Jason and his true intentions. I'm anxiously awaiting the next short story in the Harvesting series.

3 Stars. 

Thank you again, Ashley Hill, for a copy of the book.

The Harvesters (Harvesting Series #1) By Ashley Hill
Publication Date: November 28th 2012
Genre: Young Adult/ New Adult Horror


When she finds her boyfriend shackled to a white metal table Ashley feared for the worse.

On a small trip of dropping off a package for Jason’s father, the young couple never thought they would be running for their lives. Running away from supposedly friends whom in turned to be a family of harvesters.

Human harvesters and they are looking for something specific. And Ashley just might be the perfect match for that something. 


Teaser (Excerpt) 

"Jason…” I whisper down into the cold, dark basement.
Listening but I hear nothing in response. Turning, I then look up to the basement door making sure no one comes up from behind. 
Taking the last few wooden steps down, I call out his name again, “Jason?”  
This time I caught someone murmuring my name. 

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Author Bio 

I'm a college student still trying to get a handle of the adult world. When I need to get away from it I lose myself in books, my own writing, and in spending time with my amazing boyfriend which he supports me to no end. 
Finding my passion in books has led me to finding a passion in writing my own fictional stories back in 2009, I have turned this into a dream career and going one step further I would love to open up my own book store. 

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