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Review - 'Trouble in High Heels' by Christina Dodd

Trouble in High Heels (Fortune Hunter, #1)

Where to start? This book irritated me, confused me and downright upset me so bad I ended up yelling at my husband and cat. I only liked one single part of this book, Chapter One which is more like a Prologue, and every other chapter was either sexiest or boring in my opinion.

******************** MAJOR SPOILERS*******************

First of all, I'm sorry this review is so long...

The heroine, Brandi, is stupid just like her emotionally abusive and estranged father calls her. She may be an up-and-coming lawyer with great grades at law school but she’s naïve with no street smarts. Her fiancé dumps her so she decides to blow seven grand on clothes and makeovers and have sex with a total stranger, the hero Roberto. Turns out, Roberto is a suspected jewel thief and she’s the new lawyer assigned to his case. This setup was very predictable and, by the time I learned this at around page 100, I’m already disgusted with both characters.
Roberto treats her like crap. He forces her into dangerous situations without telling her why and she doesn’t ask why. She tells him she wants to go home, but he says no because he has business to take care of. What kind of business? He doesn’t say and she doesn’t demand answers. She has to stay with him because a judge remanded him into her care (meaning, she has to watch him 24/7 - she’s his babysitter and it will be her fault if he does anything wrong, like plan and execute a jewelry heist which he eventually does). He full on admits to her he’s a jewel thief and what does she do? Nothing. Brandi considers going to the cops but hey, he’s too hot and charming, and the bad guys she just met at a diner are worse than he is. She doesn’t want him in trouble. He’s just that damn good in bed. And then he throws the lawyer/client confidentiality in her face and she then she realizes she can’t tell the cops he admitted to stealing some jewelry which her law firm is trying to prove his innocence of. I doubt the lawyer/client confidentiality thing would work in a case like this since he admitted to the guilt, but she won’t say a word.
To top it all off, she eventually goes to her boss and tells him that Roberto is taking her to meet dangerous known criminals which could affect his defense in court (she doesn’t say he admitted to being a thief) and her boss (whom she thinks of as an uncle because he’s a family friend) tells her to continue to dress pretty because Roberto likes pretty women and it’s her job to stay on Roberto’s arm like eye-candy. So she does.
Roberto later promises her he won’t do anything to get her in trouble with the police and with the law firm, but then he seduces her, goes behind her back and does everything he says he won’t do. And when she finally realizes this, she decides to ‘rescue’ him from his own mistake and force him to return the priceless gem he’d just stole. Turns out, he was a never a jewel thief to begin with, but he was working with the FBI to bring down the real thieves in exchange for information about his long lost father. So, he lied to her about who he was and what he wanted from the beginning of the book, forced her to associate with murderous gangsters who treated her like a plaything (Roberto treats her like a stupid woman/plaything, too, even though he says she’s intelligent) without any regard to her feelings or the career he’s destroying.
But hey, it all works out. The FBI/Roberto tells the whole city of Chicago she was working with the FBI from the beginning so she wouldn’t be fired from her job for sleeping with a client and for being duped by Roberto, who clearly used her for sex. She wasn’t needed to bring down the real jewel thieves. Roberto simply kept her around and endangered her life for the hell of it. She’s a blonde, big-breasted toy to him. Roberto then tells her the truth that he worked for the feds for info on his dad and she feels sorry for him that he never knew his real daddy. He says he loves her, he never says ‘I’m sorry’ but just that ‘I’m telling you the truth now, you should be happy’ (I’m paraphrasing here). And she forgives him and agrees to marry him in the last few pages of the book.
I never saw any real romance between them. Hot sex, kind of. There was a lot of adventure she never wanted, yes. But Brandi didn’t care about any of Roberto’s lies or the condescending way he’d treated her throughout the whole book after she agreed to marry him.
I don’t like either of these characters, I don’t respect them, and I believe in women’s rights. Brandi was taken advantage of, kept downtrodden by the men in her life (her father, ex-fiancé, boss/uncle, and her lover Roberto), and she never got her revenge or even an apology from any of them.
This story confused me so much. The writing was repetitive and it didn’t flow at all, which is strange given the author’s status as an amazing writer. I usually love Christina Dodd books. There were constant POV shifts and half the time I didn’t know who was talking. I had to reread several passages, piece together what was going on, and trudge through the book to just be confused some more. I skimmed a good deal of it because I just couldn’t get into it.
I’m very disappointed with this book and I doubt I’ll read the rest in the series (which are, unfortunately, already on my bookshelf).
Again, I’m sorry for the long review. I’m giving this story Two Stars instead of a One because the jewel heist plotline was a great plot. I just wished Brandi wouldn’t have been treated like an idiot throughout the whole story and I wished she would’ve stood up for herself because she was clearly smart enough to know Roberto was taking advantage of her. It’s just a shame when the hero can’t trust the heroine because he’s a sexiest, macho jerk and because he didn’t think she needed to know what was going on in her own life.
2 Stars.

Disclaimer – I found this book at the library. I am a reader. I am not paid or compensated in any way, shape or form for this honest review. I will not change or alter this review for any reason.

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