Friday, June 28, 2013

Wild Animals

I love finding deer in my backyard. There are usually around seven or eight, all adults and all female, I think. I haven't seen any with spots but there are a few that are smaller. I'm guessing those are fawns who are growing up. Also, none have antlers, so no males. Anyway, Greg can’t stand when they visit because he’s afraid they might damage the car or the house, which is possible, of course. Still, I love looking out the window and there they are. Living near the woods is awesome!

We also have wild turkeys that eat our grass and come up on the deck that wraps around about half of our house. Our indoor cats freak out when they visit. Most of these turkeys are round little babies but the adults are well over 4 feet tall and huge. They’re so cool. We haven’t approached them because they could be dangerous but they don’t seem to be afraid of us. Yesterday, Greg went out on the deck when all of them were in the side yard. A few of the turkeys looked at him and the continued eating the grass, unafraid.

The only visitors I don’t like are snakes. *Shivers* They freak me out. When they enter the house, the cats are on them. Unfortunately, the kitties like to play with them by throwing them in the air or tossing them back and forth. The snakes play dead until either I kill it or the cats lose interest and kill it. I don’t mind if the snakes stay outside because they eat mice but I don’t want them in my kitchen. Eeekk.