Saturday, April 20, 2013

What is it about pets...

What is it about pets that transform an intelligent, no-nonsense adult into a little kid? Is it the furriness, the big eyes or innocent nature? For me, all three plus more. 
Greg, my husband, and I now have five cats. Yes, that's right. FIVE! 
Drum roll... Anastasia, Darby, Dexter, Pepper and Storm! 
Yesterday, there were only four kitties and our world was perfect. Now, our world has been flipped upside down. A coworker pressured me into taking a sweet little kitten home and even though I said no repeatedly, I wanted the little angel. I initially refused because providing for pets can be expensive. I also live near a busy road so the cats are strictly indoors, and that's rough for all of us. The litter box can get bad sometimes and the babies want to play outside. 
Anyway, I accepted the kitty. After a loooong, stressful conversation with my husband once I got home from picking up the kitten after work, we decided to keep the new baby. This morning we named her Storm, after the X-Men superhero. The name may change.
The other cats despise Storm. They haven't attacked her but they hiss constantly and are giving Greg and I the cold-shoulder. They'll eventually come around.