Authors in Alphabetical Order

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'Best Erotic Romance 2014' by several authors -
'Big Guns Out of Uniform’ by Sherrilyn Kenyon, Liz Carlyle, and Nicole Camden -

'Heart of Darkness ' by Gena Showalter, Maggie Shayne, and Susan Krinard -
'Love and Other Games' by Melinda Dozier, Kara Leigh Miller, Aria Kane, and Ana Blaze -
'Love Is...' Sidney Bristol, SM Butler, and Kat Cantrell, plus others -
'One Lucky Night' by Aria Kane, Grace Teague, Ana Blaze, Constance Phillips, and Melinda Dozier -
'Spellbound in Sleepy Hollow' by Patricia Eimer, Rosalie Lario, and Boone Brux -
'The Bodyguard' by Cherry Adair, Gena Showalter, and Lorie O'Clare -


Ash, Alison Jean
'You're so Vain' -


Bangs, Nina

Castle of Dark Dreams series
'Color Me Wicked' -
'Wicked Nights' -

Barron, Lynne
'Pretty Poison' -

Bell, Christine
'Down for the Count' -

Blake, Selena

Stormy Weather series
'Cajun's Captive' -
'A Cajun Werewolf Christmas' -

Bond Collins, Margo

Burnz, Arial
‘One to Die For’ -
‘Hot Rod Haunting’ -
Bonded By Blood series
'Midnight Hunt' -
'Midnight Eclipse' -
'Frostbitten Hearts' -
'Midnight Savior' -


Callahan, Skye
'Fractured Legacy' -

Casigh, Mark
'My Secret Santa' -
'The Penitent' -
'Under the Mistletoe 1945' -

Chambers, Jennifer
'Christmas in the Comstock' -

Chase, Deanna
'Haunted on Bourbon Street' -

Clark, CB

'Broken Trust' -

Cole, Braxton

'Birthday Wishes: The List' -

Collins, Lashell

Jagged Ivory series
'Jagged Hearts' -
'Jagged Dreams' -
'Jagged Addiction' -
'Jagged Secrets' -
'Jagged Surrender' -
'Jagged Ivory' box set -

Conall, Tabitha
Worlds Colliding series

Conn, Claudy

Conner, Jennifer 
The Empress of Ireland -

Conner Miles, Marilyn
'Belle's Christmas' -
'Holiday Heart' -
'Perfect Pair' -

Cox, Kenzie 

'Jace' -
'Craved' -

Cross, Dylan 

'Back to School' -


Davis, Vonnie

'Mr. OH' -

Day, Vella

Hidden Hills Shifters series

Devlin, Bliss
Children of Lilith series

Dionne, Aubrie 
'Pan's Conquest -

Dodd, Christina
'Trouble in High Heels' -

Donovan, Jessie 

'Sacrificed to the Dragon' -

Doran, Kat Henry
'Vengeance is Mine' -


Ellis, Madelynne

‘Three Times the Scandal’ -


Feehan, Christine

'Dark Nights' -
'Dark Predator' - 

Fletcher, Stanalei

Northstar Security series
'Tell It Like It Is' -

Folsom, Tina

'Closure' -
'The Christmas Wreath' -

Fox, Addison
'Baby, It's Cold Outside' -


George, Renee

'Claimed' -

Ghani, Samna
'Protest of Love' -
'Love Around the Corner' -
'Mirror of Love' -

Grey, Sofia

'Wolf at the Door' -


Hart, Chloe 

'Taming the Vampire' -

Harte, Marie

Satry's Myst series
‘Reaper’s Reward’ -
'Satyr's Myst' -
'Willa's Wish' -
Talson Temptation series
'Talson's Wait' -

Hill, Ashley
'The Harvesters' -

Hockett, Kathryn

'Highland Destiny' -

Holt, Samantha

Cynfell Brothers series
'Sinful Confessions' -
Christmas Standalone

Howland, Kathleen

'One Night in Havana' -


Inglee-Richards, Elizabeth
'Rejoice: A Burden' -


Jacobs, Ann
'Love Slave' -
'Forever Enslaved' -
'Entrapped' -

Jade, Elsa
'Hero' -

Jaeger, Peggy

Will Cook for Love series

James, Addison

'Scottish Christmas' -

Janet, Rebecca

'Hard to Forget' -

Julian, Stephanie

Lucani Lovers series
'Kiss of Moonlight' -


Kauffman, Carol Ann

'A Dilemma for Daisy' -
'Christmas at Star Lake' -

Kavanagh, Julie
'Love Under an Open Sky' -
'The Last Thing She Needs is a Husband' -

Kay, Sharon 

The Solsti Prophecy series 
'Wicked Wind' -
'Wicked Waves' -
Watcher's Kiss series
'Tainted Kiss' -

Kenner, Julie

King, Lori
The Grey Wolf Pack series
'Fire of the Wolf' -
'Reflections of the Wolf' -

Kleve, Sharon
'Love is in the Air' - 

Kulig, Kathy 

'Steel Reflections' -


LaBelle, Jennifer
'A Wicked Wager' -

Lane, Natasha
'Then She Came Stumbling In' -
'Waiting for Mistletoe' -

Mallory, Malia 'His Need, Her Desire' -

Marilla, Jackie
'Always on Christmas' -
'Lesson Plan for Love' -
'Love Those Hula Hips' -
'One Order of Love' -

Martin, Kat

'Against the Edge' -

McLean, Casi

'The Gift' -

Miles, Tamela

'Cushion' -

Miller, Kara Leigh and Jody Holford
'Dangerous Love' -
'Jaded Love' -

Montgomery, JJ

'Gun for Hire' -

Moore, Judy 

'Birds of Prey' -
'Murder in Vail' -
'Somebody Killed the Cart Girl' -
Christmas Interrupted series
'Airport Christmas' -
'The Holiday House Sitter' -
'The Hitchhiker on Christmas Eve' -


Nemer, Ashley

'Bud's Christmas Wish' -

Night, Starla
'Seduced by the Sea Lord' -

Nuest, AJ

A Likely Story series


O'Sullivan, Katie

'Breaking the Rules' -


Paige, Rochelle

'Crying Wolf' -


Rain, Angelina

'Bunnies and Batteries' -

Rayne, Cynthia 

The Four Horseman MC

Redd, Rosalie

The Warriors of Lemuria
'Untouchable Lover -

Rice, Anne 

The Vampire Chronicles 
'An Interview with a Vampire' -

Savage, Vivienne
'The Right to Bear Arms' -

Scarborough, Kathryn

'The Wild Mountain Thyme' -

Scarbrough, Jan 

'Kentucky Cowboy' -

Scarlett, Belle
'The Woodman' -

Scott, JS

Scott, Tarah 
'A Knight of Passion' -

Shayne, Maggie

'Leather and Lace' -

Showalter, Gena
Lords of the Underworld series
‘The Darkest Night’ -
‘The Darkest Kiss’ -
‘The Darkest Pleasure’ -
‘The Darkest Whisper’ -
‘The Darkest Angel’ -
‘The Darkest Fire’ -
‘The Darkest Prison’ -
‘The Darkest Passion’ -
‘The Darkest Lie’ -
'The Darkest Secret' – review 1 –
- review 2 –
'The Darkest Surrender' – review 1 –
- review 2 –
‘The Darkest Seduction’ -
‘The Darkest Craving’ -

Slayer, Megan

'Cat Class' -

Smid, Madelon

Sisters in Peril

Spudich, Giulietta 

'The Right Kiss' -

Stacks, JW
'Damage Control' -
'Drawn into Christmas 1' -
'Drawn into Christmas 2' -
'Lies, Damned Lies and Christmas' -

Stewart, KC

'Too Far Gone' -

Stewart, Lexie

'Cowshed Christmas' -

Strassel, Kristen 

'Lion and the Doe' -

Stratton, Nathan


Tate, Sennah

Tate, Tammy 
'Caribbean Christmas' -
'Off Duty Christmas' -

The Spirit Path series
'The Spirit Path' -
'The Secret Path' -
'The Forbidden Path' -


Vaughn, V 
'Brindle' -

'Bosun' -
'Berch' -


Ward, Amanda

'The Bed and Breakfast Man' -

Ward, Vivian

'No Regrets' -

Webb-De Sisto, Marion

'Welcome to Danjal's' -

West, Zara

The Skin Quartet

Wilder, Carina 

'Sought by the Alphas' -

Winters, Danica
'Christmas Wishes' -
'Island Bride' -
‘Smoke and Ashes’ -
'Always a Wanderer' -
'Sweet Wine' -
Mystery Christmas series
'Ms. Calculation' -
'Mr. Serious' -